The truly remarkable fact about the Millennium 140 is that she is the fastest superyacht despite her size, faster than any smaller superyacht in our 10 fastest yachts table. The typical speed for a superyacht of her size is between 20-25 knots. She is also not just a stripped-down 140 footer either, but a true luxury superyacht that is fully stocked with everything from statuary gensets to a state of the art audio-visual system.


She is powered by two Paxman 18-Cylinder main diesel engines offering a combined 10,870hp with an extra 9,200hp added by twin TF80 Lycombing turbines. All this power runs at 15,000gal fuel capacity and can journey to around 3,800nm.

The result is a powerful superyachts that offers a comfortable cruising speeds in excess of 50 knots.

Below is table of the other fastest yachts in the world.

Top 10 Fastest Superyachts in the world

1st World is not Enough 42m 70 Knots
2nd Fortuna 41m 65 Knots
3rd Wally Power 118 36m 65 Knots
4th Gentry Eagle 35.6m 63 Knots
5th Alamshar 50m 60 Knots
6th Ermis2 37.2m 57 Knots
7th Nobody 33.5m 55 Knots
8th AA Absolute 36.6m 54 Knots
9th Anthea 27.5m 53 Knots
10th Moon Goddess 35m 53 Knots